Andrei Barborica

Founder and head engineer of Termobit PROD s.r.l.

Andrei Barborica is the founder and head engineer of Termobit. His activity in the field of developing medical and research devices for the neuroscience community is based on a multidisciplinary background that started within the Physics Department of the University of Bucharest and the Institute of Atomic Physics of Bucharest where he obtained his PhD in 1994.
An important step in his future career was obtaining a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Neurobiology and Behavior of Columbia University where his interest was focused on systems neuroscience, electrophysiology and behavior in awake behaving non-human primates (macaque monkeys). His eight years of research were rewarded with numerous publications in international neuroscientific journals.
Starting with 2004 he returns to Romania and lays the foundation for an enterprise dedicated to developing clinical and research products for neurosurgeons and neuroscientists, called Termobit. Since his areas of expertise range from electronic design to firmware and software development, he successfully coordinates his team towards the development of data acquisition and analysis devices, experiment control modules, impedance conditioning modules, and research stimulators. At the same time, his academic activity is continued through the classes he teaches at the Physics Department of the University of Bucharest and through his collaborations with partners from research institutes and neurosurgical centers in Bucharest and around the globe.
As part of the "Coma EEG Reactivity Monitor" (CERMO) project he coordinates all the activities related to the development of the intended medical device.