Florin Amzica

Université de Montreal<

Doctor Florin Amzica has a PhD in neurobiology from the Laval University. He started as an engineer in electronics and informatics, and holds a master degree in medical electronics (1982, from the Polytechnics Institute in Bucharest, Romania). During his PhD and after he studied the neuronal mechanisms of sleep and epilepsy with Doctor Mircea Steriade at the Laval University in Quebec. He has been a professor researcher at the Laval University since July 1999, and at the Université de Montreal since 2008.

His main research interests encompass:
1. The neuron-glia dialogue. Through experiments that are underway, he has opened a new field of investigation, studying relationships between neurons and glia in intact brain networks during physiological states such as sleep, wakefulness and during pathological states such as epilepsy and coma.
2. The study of anesthesia mechanisms. Dr. Amzica is particularly interested in the mechanisms underlying the burst-suppression (BS) pattern defined as a state during which the brain reaches one of the lowest levels of neuronal and metabolic activity.
3. Effects of implants and electrical stimulations in patients with Parkinson’s, dystonia and essential tremor. The interest is related to the intra-op recording and the electrophysiological study of thalamic, subthalamic and basal forebrain neurons in humans, as well as the development of a post-op recording technique of these structures.