Sándor Beniczky

MD, PhD, Filadelfia Epilepsihospitalet

Dr. Sandor Beniczky received his Medical degree from the University of Szeged, Hungary. He completed the residency in Neurology followed by the Ph.D program in Neurophysiology at the University of Szeged, Hungary. He completed the fellowship training in Clinical Neurophysiology at the Glostrup University Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Beniczky completed the European fellowship in Clinical Epileptology. He is currently the head of the Clinical Neurophysiology department at the Danish Epilepsy Centre, and associate professor at Aarhus University. Dr. has a broad interest in clinical neurophysiology, particularly in the diagnostic workup of patients with epilepsy. His main interests at present are: seizure detection, source imaging and standardized, computer-based assessment and reporting of EEG. Dr. Beniczky is actively involved in graduate and postgraduate educational activities and he is director of the ILAE on-line teaching course on EEG (VIREPA).