Termobit PROD s.r.l.

Bucharest, RO

Company Profile
Termobit has a long standing history of designing, manufacturing and marketing specialty instrumentation focused on complex neuroscience product development. Its expertise spans over both clinical as well as research grade devices and its products are used in leading functional neurosurgical centers and medical schools, research hospitals, government research institutions, and private laboratories located at pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and major technology-based companies around the world.
All the aspects regarding the production process are handles by the global company FHC Inc, located in Bowdoin, Maine, USA, that has advanced manufacturing facilities appropriate for high-technology medical products as well as an extensive international sales and marketing network. Based on this model, Termobit successfully designed several products for neuroscience and functional neurosurgery, now sold worldwide: Acquisition Processor Module (APM, APC);Experiment Control Module (ECM); Impedance Conditioning Module (ICM); StimPulse Electrical Stimulation System (PGM, ESG); Guideline 4000(tm) ; Neuromodulation Targeting System, etc...

Andrei Barborica

Founder and head engineer of Termobit PROD s.r.l.

Cosmin Serban

Director at Termobit PROD s.r.l.

Denisa Stefanescu

Administrator at Termobit PROD s.r.l.

Marius Stanciu

Hardware engineer at Termobit PROD s.r.l.

Mihai Moldovan

MD, PhD, Assoc. Prof., Founder of ComaEEG.RO