Daniela Popa

Institut de Biologie de l Ecole Normale Superieure

I am an INSERM researcher (staff), in the Cerebellum Team, at the Neuroscience Department at this Institut de Biologie de l'École Normale Supérieure, in Paris. This group is one of the leading French groups in the study of the cerebellum. We have extensive expertise in the in vitro and in vivo physiology of the cerebellum and in the in vivo physiology of the brain activity in normal and pathological conditions.
In the past, I worked on various models of human diseases (epilepsy, ischemia, emotional and sleep disorders), using multiple approaches (multi-site cellular and local field recordings, microdialysis, behavior).
I am now studying the functional connectivity, cellular activity and brain oscillations of the motor system in normal and pathological conditions, with a particular emphasis on the cerebello-cortical loops.