Dorottya Szocs

Medical student at "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Dorottya Szocs is a medical student at the “Carol Davila Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy" from Bucharest and was selected to be a member of GRINS (The Romanian Group for Initiative in Neuroscience) during her 2nd year of university, in 2016, and was the youngest member of the group. Soon after she became part of the coma research group which involved intracranial electrode implantations anesthesia in lab rats, and observing the electrical activity of the brain, aiming to develop a quantitative EEG measure that can be translated in comatose patients and help establish their prognosis. This experience has been an eye-opener and made her eager to explore and investigate the complex mechanisms involved in brain dysfunctions with a clinical purpose of bettering lives. She has shown a great interest in the sciences and research from the early years of school and is constantly nurturing her desire to learn and explore the dynamics of the brain by volunteering and actively participating at conferences, workshops, university labs, and hospital internships.

Dorottya is member of National Neuroscience Society of Romania.